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Ocoee Pediatrics Policies


-No call and no show policy: If your child no calls and no shows for 3 appointments there is a possibility of dismissal. It is not fair for patients to be asked to wait for an appointment or be made to go to the emergency room/urgent care due to appointment times being taken by no call and no shows.


-Any records including shot records take 3 business days to make. The nurses make these when time is available then the record goes to the doctor's desk to be signed. Shot records can not be faxed. Photo ID will be asked upon pick up of records and person picking up records must be listed on the Ocoee Pediatrics Policies.


-If your child destroys property of this office you may be held financially responsible for damages.


-Foul language or rude behavior will not be tolerated in the office or on the telephone with office staff. This is a cause of dismissal.


-All patients must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 years old and be listed on the Ocoee Pediatrics Policies.


-When making appointments please list all children that need to be seen. Appointment may possibly need to be rescheduled if you arrive with more children to be seen. This is due to scheduling and time available.


-During flu season (September-March) wait times may be longer due to flu tests taking 20-25 minutes to run. Please be patient while waiting as we want to treat children the best way possible and this is only able to be done when appropriate tests are ran.


-Well child visits are now scheduled in the morning and sick appointments are scheduled in the afternoon. This is so well children are not exposed to any illnesses while well.


-All co-pays or balances are due before being seen. If you are unable to pay the full balance half of the full balance is required and a payment plan will be set up.


-Immunization Policy. We encourage all parents to immunize their children according to the CDC schedule. Although we do not recommend alternate schedules, we will accomodate parents who choose this option and certainly prefer this over not immunizing at all. We will see children whose parents choose not to immunize, but we want you to know that our providers and nurse are pro-immunization and you will be asked whether you want to immunize at each well child visit.


-School excuses can only be given for the day your child is seen at our office and any future days as determined by the provider seeing your child.


-No controlled substances or antibiotics can be called in to the pharmacy unless patient is seen in the office.


Ocoee Pediatrics may release health information to the following people. We need first and last name as well as the relationship to the patient. ________________________________________________________________________

The above patient may be accompanied by the following people to the doctor and discuss his or her care during the visit. ________________________________________






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